Character Evolution/Skill System

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ReROLL feature a deep and massive skill tree system which mimic (and simplify) reality.

In other words, nothing prevent your character from learning anything you wants as long as he has:

  • The prerequisites (ex: you can’t jump to paramedic skills without learning basic first aid skills)
  • Access to knowledge and/or tools to practice
  • Time

To be clear, ReROLL does not have any traditional class system, you build your own character the way you want. Nothing prevents you to learn bakery and explosive (and then maybe get creative in using both ?)

However when you reach a certain combination of skills you will unlock titles and/or diploma (which are organised in class: “Hobby set”, “Pro set” etc….) which in return unlock new crafting possibilities.

All characters can fire all types of weapons however using a weapon and being proficient with it are two different things. As an example: If your Scavenger start using a sniper rifle for the first time don’t expect him to be as deadly as a Scout…BUT nothing prevent your Scavenger to train until he become a world class Marksman.

Note: All characters can drive all type of land vehicles and driving is not a skill you can train (vehicles won’t behave differently from one character to another). Your ability to drive is solely based on your gamer’s skills and your vehicle capabilities.