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People want your stuff, mutants want your flesh and wildlife is no longer afraid of human beings. Might be a good time to get some equipment and learn how to use it (see how skills works above).

Fighting in ReROLL will be as diverse as you can imagine in a real life situation.

Raiding a supermarket under guard by a heavy armed faction will requires massive firepower, some tactical skills and few friends to make sure you have a solid coop group. It’s going to be loud and there will be blood but if you’re lucky the loot will make your raid worthy.

However, sometime you will be better riding a bike, alone, at night, silently taking down whoever block your path and avoiding attention at all cost because if the rumors are true…not everything can be stopped with an assault rifle.

Crafting will make you incredibly resourceful: it’s amazing what you can do with few empty cans, some nails and some cleaning products.

Whether you like it or not, learning to fight will help you do one thing: SURVIVE!