Reality System Sync

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The world of ReROLL is deeply connected to reality.


This connection is done through the Reality System Sync (RSS):

  • The game time is synchronized with UTC
  • Weather and temperature are directly pulled from reality to be re-injected into the game weather system.
    • So, if your character is in New-York and right now (in the real world) it’s 5 AM, raining and chilling in New-York, then your Character will experience the same conditions in the game.
  • Your character is “active” in the world even when you’re not connected

Time is a very important resource in the game, combined with the skill tree system it’s also your best ally to train your character. Making sure your character is doing relevant things when you’re not playing in front of your computer is a key strategy for survival.

Using the Activity Tracker you will be able to manage your character’s schedule like you would manage your own agenda (from a browser or using your smartphone).